Our Story

Sometimes a podcast leaves you pondering life’s big questions. An article, a book, a movie encourages you to think deeply and teach you something new about your existence and the world. Maybe a documentary about a person who changed the world motivates you, a pop song makes you feel good and lifts you up.

No matter what triggers that everyday elevating moment, you want to nurture and share it.

You talk to your friends about the subject, share it on social media, place a book on your coffee table, hang a poster on your wall, maybe buy an actual album. We certainly have done that at Studio Reponen. Maybe you do something else, something similar to Anja – she takes out her paint brush and color palette, and starts painting portraits, landscapes, objects.

Her portraits capture intriguing people and characters inspired by elevating moments, which in turn, may have been triggered by her favourite podcast, an article she read, a new TV-show. These are the works we want to share with all of you and the reason we at Studio Reponen create our selections of posters – to cherish those everyday elevating moments and the people who enrich our lives.

Anja + Marjaana + Teriina

Studio Reponen is a creative studio and shop founded in collaboration with Anja's two friends Marjaana and Teriina. Our selection of hand painted illustrations tells unique stories and features captivating personalities. In our shop you can find carefully selected subjects, painted with empathy, printed in Finland.

Anja Reponen is an illustrator based in Helsinki Finland, who drew before she could walk. In her art, she is interested in the face as an interface between a person’s surface and her inner world. She explores the ways the face reflects psychology, as she captures the details and unique features of the individual portrayed. In her work, she cherishes humor and empathy. She creates illustrations for leading Finnish magazines including Helsingin Sanomat Kuukausiliite, Image and Optio, and various international publications. 

Marjaana Laakkonen is an experienced digital marketing expert and a creative business designer. She is an old soul, who cherishes literature, art and popular culture. 

Teriina is a service designer by day and a photo poet by night. Her passions include French royalties, tropical flowers and middle aged Parisian ladies on Instagram. She lives for beauty.